4 ways to pack in flavour with TABASCO® Sauce

By TASTE, 9 July 2024

Elevate your meals with a range of eight unique TABASCO® Sauce flavours. Whether you’re a fan of the Original or love the more adventurous Sweet & Spicy Sauce, there’s something for every taste.

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TABASCO® Sauce was founded by Edmund McIlhenny in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana. Here he developed the recipe for TABASCO® Original Red Pepper Sauce, which has since been passed down through the generations. TABASCO® Sauce is made with just three ingredients – peppers, salt and vinegar. While the ingredients may be simple, a lengthy ageing process helps develop the complex flavour that makes TABASCO® Sauce unique.

Today, the packaging is very reminiscent of the original packaging that McIlhenny used – small cologne-type bottles with sprinkler fitments with a corked and green wax seal. The sprinkler fitment was important because his pepper sauce was concentrated and best when sprinkled, not poured. While the bottles are no longer sealed with wax, the sauce inside is every bit as pungent as the first sauce bottled back in the 1800s.

TABASCO® brand's popularity over the years has multiplied, seeing it being sold in over 195 countries and territories and labelled in 36 languages and dialects. They now offer more than the original red sauce to suit a range of palates. Discover the bold flavours:
  • TABASCO® Original Red Sauce
  • TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Sauce
  • TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce
  • TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce

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1. Hot-sauce pork

A little can go a long way in this spicy recipe, which is a good way to use up those almost empty bottles of TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce. Bulk it up with cooked instant noodles and swap Brussels sprouts for cabbage if you're on a budget.

Get the recipe for hot-sauce pork here. 

2. Hot spicy mince with magwinya

The next time you cook mince, we recommend adding a few dashes of TABASCO® Pepper Sauce. You can serve the mince with whatever you like, but there's nothing like golden, fluffy magwinya to mop up the spicy, flavourful mince.

Hot spicy mince with magwinya

Get the recipe for hot spicy mince with magwinya here.

3. Spicy baked beans

Elevate a can of baked beans by adding TABASCO® Sauce. Feel free to stick to the Original red flavour or spice things up further with the Smoky Chipotle flavour. These spicy baked beans can be served on toast with a fried egg or on a steaming hot baked potato, topped with melted cheese. For anyone looking for a filling and affordable breakfast or lunch idea, these spicy beans will not disappoint.

Spicy baked beans

Get the recipe for spicy baked beans here. 

4. Mexican hot chocolate

This Mexican hot chocolate recipe combines dark chocolate, sugar, cinnamon and chilli to make a hot chocolate like no other. Substitute the chilli flakes in the recipe for a dash TABASCO® Original Red Sauce to add a spicy kick to a rich, warming winter drink.

Get the recipe for Mexican hot chocolate here. 


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