5 easy chocolate desserts

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5 easy chocolate desserts

You can’t go wrong with a chocolate dessert, that’s just a fact. Particularly ones as easy as this.

Be it for a romantic Valentine’s dinner, a meal with friends, or dinner for one (no judgement!), a chocolate dessert is the perfect way to end. Here are five of our favourite (and easy!) chocolate desserts.

Twice-baked chocolate soufflés

Don’t let the word ‘soufflé’ put you off – this twice-baked version is easier than the original and just as impressive.
Get the recipe here.

Chocolate-and-caramel hearts

The ultimate non-recipe, these cute hearts are the perfect way to end dinner on a sweet note while doing very little work.
Get the recipe.

Baked chocolate pudding

Bung all the ingredients in an ovenproof bowl, bake, and you’ve got a warm, gooey pudding with all the appeal of a fondant, and none of the fuss. Baked chocolate pudding

Get the recipe

6-ingredient chocolate mousse

There’s something about chocolate mousse that feels decidedly fancy, which is great because it doesn’t take much to put it together.
Get the recipe.

Affogato with hazelnuts set in chocolate

Even so-called ‘non-dessert people’ love affogato, and with the addition of chocolate-covered hazelnuts, this won’t feel like a cop-out.
Get the recipe.

Still hungry for more chocolate? Find our entire collection of chocolate recipes here.

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