5 no-churn frozen desserts

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5 no-churn frozen desserts

Hold on to that summer feeling with these cheat’s ice-cream cakes and popsicles that use readymade cake, frozen pancakes (genius!), fruit and sorbet. No ice-cream maker required.

Ziploc bag no-churn ice cream

That myth about needing an ice-cream machine, or having to churn and churn to make home-made ice cream? Not true. A Ziploc bag and food processor are your friends for this irresistible dessert.

Get the no-churn ice cream recipe here

3-ingredient frozen tropical Madeira cake

All you need to make this super cool dessert is three ingredients: ready-made Madeira loaf and granadilla sorbet from Woolies, plus frozen fruit … okay, and a little patience for the overnight freezing time.

If you have any ingredients left over, use them to make ice-cream sandwiches with just the cake and sorbet.

Get the recipe here.

Multi-coloured frozen pancake stack

Multi-coloured frozen pancake stack recipe
Meet the easiest, most beautiful little cake you’ll ever make. Woolies’ frozen pancakes? Tick. Mango and red berry medley frozen yoghurt, plus pistachio ice cream? Tick, tick and tick! Simply layer the ingredients, freeze and slice.
Get the recipe here.

“Magnum” bananas with sprinkles

Skeptical about the frozen bananas? Don’t be! They turn beautifully creamy when frozen.
Get the recipe here.

Ginger-and-raspberry yoghurt popsicles

Ginger-and-raspberry yoghurt popsicles recipe
Simply combine the 5 ingredients, and freeze! When you make these creamy, tangy, grown-up popsicles for dessert, you’re totally allowed to add 100s and 1000s.
Get the recipe here.

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