Celebrate spring with 6 of our brightest salads

By TASTE, 3 September 2018

And just like that, September is upon us! Celebrate the arrival of spring with a few of the best and brightest salads. Best served with a side of sunshine.


The new Cobb-style salad platter with beetroot dressing

This recipe merges the yogi bowl with the iconic Cobb salad. Both usually have styled sections of individual ingredients – mix and match as you please!
Get the recipe here.

The best chopped salad

Toss all the ingredients until well combined.
Get the recipe here.

Flaked hot-smoked trout, avocado and salad

Flaked hot smoked trout avo and salad recipe
Use half a can of sardines instead of salmon if you like.
Get the recipe here.

Crispy noodle salad

A fresh meal with minimal cooking. You'll want to eat like this every day!
Get the recipe here.

Summer tomato, beetroot and lemony ricotta quinoa salad

The shaved beetroot and cucumber marinate beautifully in the zingy dressing, soaking up all its fantastic flavours.
Get the recipe here.

Quinoa beetroot bowl

Quinoa beetroot bowl recipe
It doesn't get any brighter than this!

Pro tip: always rinse these starchy protein-rich seeds under running water to get rid of any bitter flavours. The trick to getting them fluffy, not stodgy, is to simmer, not boil, them for the indicated time, so they retain a bit of a bite.

Get the recipe here.


Hold onto your salad-spinners, there’s a veggie revolution taking place! Treat yourself to a fresh, tasty picnic with Woolworths’ new ready-to-eat salads – look out for the new vegetarian logo.

Try the new basil pesto vegetable medley, smoky four-bean salad, coronation vegan coleslaw, orzo pasta and sundried tomato salad, or fruity giant couscous salad. Simply drizzle with dressing or squeeze over lime or lemon juice, and lunch is sorted!

Shop the range here at woolworths.co.za now.


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