5 meals in under 35 minutes to make this week

By Melissa Wentzel, 12 March 2018

Sometimes you just need a quick solution when the meal plan goes south. Here are 5. Now go ahead and have your tribe fed in under 35.

There's really no need to consider a half-day job with these quick-and-easy meals in under 35 minutes.

Fried fish in 35

Mackerel with warm vinegared potatoes recipe
Cook's note: The strong flavour of the mackerel works beautifully with the vinegar and onion.
Try the mackerel with warm vinegared potatoes recipe here.

Pork wraps in 35

Cabbage leaf wraps with crispy pork recipe
Cook's note: Sticky, salty pork with fresh, crunchy cabbage is a hard-to-beat combo.
Try the cabbage leaf wraps with crispy pork recipe here.

Seared beef in 30

Seared summer free-range beef with vibrant veggies recipe
Cook's note: Choose leaner cuts of free-range beef like fat-trimmed fillet over fattier cuts more often to help reduce your intake of saturated fat.
Try the seared summer free-range beef with vibrant veggies recipe here.

Caprese chicken in 35

Caprese chicken recipe
Cook’s note: It has all our favourite things – basil, cheese, tomato, chicken – plus it’s low carb and dirt cheap to make at the end of the month.
Try the Caprese chicken recipe here.

Quinoa bowl in 30

Quinoa beetroot bowl recipe
Pro tip: Always rinse these starchy protein-rich seeds under running water to get rid of any bitter flavours. The trick to getting them fluffy, not stodgy, is to simmer, not boil, them for the indicated time, so they retain a bit of a bite.
Try the quinoa beetroot bowl recipe here.

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