5 reasons to cook with juice

By TASTE, 19 April 2017

Want to know the one ingredient that could transform your cooking? Juice. Seriously. Use it to infuse fish and chicken, poach veg and macerate berries for maximum flavour. Try these five ideas to get started.

1. ROAST IN A BAG: Fish en papillote with orange juice

Roasting fish in paper lets it steam in the juice and absorb the delicious, vibrant flavour. Keep the fish juicy by taking it to the table in the bag and opening the parcel to release the aromas. Try the fish en papillote with orange juice recipe here.

2. MIX A CHILLED DRINK: Avocado and beetroot with litchi snow

Here's a great tip I learnt from TASTE food ed Abigail Donnelly: put cleaned avo pips in the freezer and add them to drinks (including cocktails) instead of ice. They look cool and work like a bomb. Try the avocado and beetroot with litchi snow recipe here.

3. MAKE A DIPPING SAUCE: Asian carrot juice dipping sauce with crispy tofu

Dressings and dipping sauces can really elevate the other elements in your dish. Make your own whenever possible so you know exactly what ingredients have gone into them. Keep bottles of fresh juice in the fridge for cooking – it’s a great way to taste the seasons in your food. And you don’t even need a juicer! Try the Asian carrot juice dipping sauce with crispy tofu recipe here.

4. CURE A TROUT FILLET: Apple juice -and lime-cured trout

Lime juice “cooks” the trout and its tartness is balanced by the sweetness of the apple juice. Curing fish at home is easier than you think. Maximum flavour for minimum effort. Try the apple juice -and lime-cured trout recipe here.


Soaking berries in berry juice intensifies their natural flavour. Drizzle over double-cream yoghurt for a decadent treat (breakfast pudding!). Try the berry bliss recipe here.


The 100% fruit and vegetable juices available at Woolworths contain no added preservatives. Woolworths cold-pressed 100% fruit-and-vegetable juice blend contain apple, beetroot, orange and cucumber; or try the apple, cucumber, spinach and kale. A special high-pressure process seals in the flavour without using heat or adding preservatives. Woolworths cold-pressed 100% carrot, apple AND orange juice blend contains a shot of ginger for extra zing. Woolworths 100% freshly squeezed orange juice is made using locally grown Valencia oranges for maximum flavour. Woolworths 100% freshly squeezed ruby grapefruit juice is made from locally grown star ruby grapefruit – and nothing else, naturally.Discover more recipes featuring juice here.

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