The cheese championship league

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The cheese championship league

In case you missed it, Woolworths cleaned up again at this year’s National Dairy Championships (we expected nothing less). TASTE spent some time getting to know the cultured elite.

So what about these awards?

TASTE’s very own Abigail Donnelly served on the independent judging panel among 72 judges. This year, 895 dairy products were entered into 97 product categories by 85 national producers. Woolworths won 65 awards, of which 36 were first prizes. Of the 23 Qualité Awards given, Woolworths raked in 10; nine of which were for products exclusive to the retailer.

DE LEEUWENde-leeuwen

No stranger to accolades, De Leeuwen is a semi-hard, full- cream Jersey milk-cheese with a washed rind and blue veins. Four weeks of ageing has given this wedge a robust edge, which means it plays well with sweet, juicy stone fruit like plums. Or try: Crunchy slaw with blue cheese dressing

BRIE DE ROCHEde-roche-brie

Is just an old softie on the inside. No, really. Made from a blend of Jersey and goat’s milk, this semi-soft, strong, white-mould cheese appeals to lovers of classic Brie, as well as those who can appreciate the barnyardy flavour of a good goat’s cheese. Pile onto sliced white bread with caramelised onions and grill over coals for the best braaibroodjie ever.

BOTHAM’S CREMEZOLA BLUE bothmas-cremezola-blue

With its creamy texture and sharp,spicy taste. It is a worthy contender on the cheeseboard. Made from Jersey milk, it’s a semi-soft, full-cream, blue-mould cheese with a medium-strong flavour that’ll shine in a simple cream sauce served with fresh gnocchi and pecan nuts.

AYRSHIRE PLAIN YOGHURT ww-full-cream-ayrshire-plain-yoghurt

It’s simple, really. Double cream equals double deliciousness, which makes it no wonder that this thick, über creamy made the judges swoon. Topped with fruit compote and honey, dolloped onto a fiery curry or stirred through your favourite soup, it just makes everything taste better.

AYRSHIRE DOUBLE- CREAM BERRY TRIFLE YOGHURTww-ayrshire-double-cream-berry-trifle-yoghurt

Genius! Made with milk from Ayrshire cows, studded with berries, and featuring no added preservatives, it’s hard to beat this creamy, wonder. Try: Tielman Furters baby yoghurt cakes.

FULL-CREAM CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE ww-chocolate-flavoured-milkshake
Thick, creamy and full of chocolatey flavour, it will give you all of the ice-cream parlour feels. For maximum enjoyment, chill and shake until frothy. If you want to add whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, that’s your prerogative.

FULL-CREAM SMOOTH COTTAGE CHEESE WITH SRIRACHAww-full-cream-smooth-cottage-cheese-with-sriracha

Is perhaps the best romance since Brangelina (*tear). This utterly addictive spread has a bit of added coriander to keep things interesting. Dunk some crunchy crudités into it and you have yourself a party on your hands. Or try: Tuna and cream cheese baked peppers

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