Partly cloudy, with a great chance of meatballs

By TASTE, 23 May 2017

Who knew meatballs were so versatile? We did – read on for 9 delicious ways to use them now.

1. Pop them onto a home-made pizza

Remove the casings from 300 g pork sausages. Roll the sausage meat into balls. Heat 2 t olive oil in a pan and fry the meatballs until golden brown. Add 1 t ginger and 1 t paprika and shake the pan to coat the meatballs. Add 2 T honey and shake to coat the meatballs again. Set aside until ready to use. (Courtesy of Khanya Mzongwana)

2. Drop them into a hearty soup

You can use lamb mince to make your own meatballs, but save a little time by using Woolies' ready-made lamb meatballs. Try the lentil soup with chickpeas and lamb meatballs recipe here.

3. Do it like the Italians

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4. Or get the best of both

Try the herbed tomato-vegetable soup with spaghetti and meatballs recipe here.

5. Slot them into a pita

Fill the pitas with cabbage slaw, lamb meatballs and yoghurt dip. Serve with sweet potato fries. Season sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and finish with a drizzle of lime juice. Try the lamb meatball gyros with cabbage slaw and yoghurt dip recipe here.

Discover more recipes with mince here.


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