What’s in season: April 2015

By TASTE, 13 April 2015

As the cooling-off season approaches, we round up some great Woolies fruit to inspire your autumn menu.


From Golden Delicious to sweet little red apples, Woolworths has a range of apples for every palate. Apples are not only good on their own; they’re also the perfect addition to tarts and other sweet treats, as well as some savoury dishes. Try our crunchy apple-and-celery salad with blue cheese, candied walnuts and biltong dust and this light apple tart for dessert.


Crisp, firm, juicy and sweet, Woolworths’ pears tick every box. They’re quite a treat in these honey-and-pear pies and make a mouthwatering accompaniment to pear-cider chops with kohlrabi and pea shoot salad.


Smooth and buttery with a distinctive nutty flavour, avos are at their peak at this time of year. They play well with a host of ingredients, particularly in salads and atop pizzas. It might be a tad unusual, but they’re delicious in this avocado-and-lime loaf cake with lime drizzle, or simply paired with halloumi atop pumpkin rye bread.


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