Winter comfort food that will still get you your 5 a day

By TASTE, 7 June 2020

If you’re trying to put more veggies on the family table, these crowd-pleasers will keep the carnivores at bay. May we present your new favourite ways to eat cabbage, broccoli, brinjals and more

Three-cheese cabbage bake

Use up any cheese you have in the fridge for this. And use Woolworths readymade cheese sauce if you don’t have time to make it from scratch.
Get the recipe for three-cheese cabbage bake here.

Charred broccoli and halloumi with warm anchovy vinaigrette

Leftover broccoli can be blended with olive oil and chickpeas to make hummus.” Serving suggestion: A side for beef fillet or grilled fish.
Get the recipe for charred broccoli and halloumi with warm anchovy vinaigrette.

Miso barley risotto with charred tofu and greens

Barley has a nuttier flavour and more robust texture than traditional risotto rice, and also has more fibre.
Get the recipe for miso barley risotto with charred tofu and greens.

Lentil-and-butternut cottage pie

To make this dish vegan, mash the potatoes with olive oil instead of butter and goat’s cheese. It also freezes well.
Get the recipe for butternut-and-lentil cottage pie.

Brinjal lasagne

Breaking up the pasta makes it cook quicker and provides texture.
Get the recipe for brinjal lasagne.



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