Your 10 favourite TASTE recipes in August 2023

By TASTE, 1 September 2023

Winter is almost on its way out. This August, TASTE readers made the most of the last of the coldest day by cooking up the heartiest, comforting meals. Here’s the top 10 recipes they cooked this month, these range from budget-beaters, loadshedding-friendly and meat-free recipes.

10. Chocolate Marie biscuit fridge cake

An easy recreation of a school cake-sale favourite – this fridge cake is so easy, that even the kids can make it. It's a five-ingredient sweet treat that requires no baking. The best part about this recipe is that everything is done in one bowl!

Chocolate marie biscuit fridge cakeGet recipe for chocolate Marie biscuit fridge cake here. 

9. Easiest-ever tiramisu

This free-form tiramisu is also egg-free, which is great if the thought of raw egg gives you pause. Woolies’ long-life cream whips up beautifully, adding the lightness that would normally be supplied by the egg whites. Top with melted chocolate for a super-decadent pud that’s as easy to make as any fridge cake!Easiest-ever egg-free tiramisu Get the recipe for the easiest-ever tiramisu here.

8. Mushroom ragù 

Deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana swears by mushrooms as a meat alternative. Unlike traditional ragú, this mushroom version takes just 30 minutes to cook. The mushrooms still have a meaty texture, so you'll hardly miss the meat. If you've got a punnet of mushrooms nearing their expiry date, this is the perfect recipe to make.

Mushroom RaguGet the recipe for mushroom ragú here. 

7. Creamy pulled chicken-and-mushroom lasagne

Are you a fan of chicken alfredo? You're going to love this creamy chicken lasagne. It uses rotisserie chicken to cut down the cooking time – something we all look for in recipes during loadshedding. The top layer of this chicken lasagne is golden and crispy from the cheese, and the pan-fried shimeiji mushrooms add extra texture.

Get the recipe for creamy pulled chicken-and-mushroom lasagne here.

6. Kassler chops

You can never go wrong with meat and potatoes. This midweek staple features Kassler chops and baked sweet potatoes. It's a cheaper alternative to steak and potatoes. Cooking the potatoes in the microwave is a genius time-saver and the pork steaks are ready to serve in a few minutes. This recipe is for anyone who prioritises speed, but doesn't want to lose out on flavour.

Kassler chopsGet the recipe for Kassler chops here. 

5. Braised beef with colcannon mash

The WList offers flavourful recipes that don't leave a dent in your wallet. Coming in at just R50 per serving, it's not hard to see why this braised beef recipe was a favourite in August. It definitely requires some patience, but when the results are this delicious, it's worth it.

Get the recipe for braised beef with colcannon mash here. 

4. Beef shin osso buco with pasta

TASTETube presenter and stylist Keletso Motau makes it look so easy. He walks us through how to make this traditional Italian dish using beef shin instead of veal. Serve it with a punchy gremolata to cut through the richness. This recipe is guaranteed to become a family favourite.

Beef shin osso buco with pastaGet the recipe for beef shin osso buco with pasta here. 

3. Steamed chocolate cake

Have you got your hands on the TASTE Loadshedding Cookbook yet? Expect 89 loadshedding-friendly recipes, including this steamed chocolate cake. If you're craving dessert when the lights out, this recipe will come to the rescue.

Steamed chocolate cakeGet the recipe steamed chocolate cake here. 

2. Crispy potato-topped beef pie

This affordable beef pie is topped with super-thin slices of potato, making for a crispy, crunchy top that breaks open to reveal an unctuous, beefy centre. It's a budget recipe that looks impressive enough to serve when entertaining! TASTETube presenter and contributor Clem Pedro also graced our cellphone and laptop screens to show us how to assemble this impressive pie.

Beef pieGet the recipe for crispy potato-topped beef pie here.

1. One-sheet Italian-style loaded chicken schnitzels

You can never go wrong with a tender, golden, crispy, schnitzel, especially when it's loaded with cheese. Add oven-roasted tomatoes, herby basil pesto and salty olives and serve with creamy mash. Dinner is ready to serve in 30 minutes. The ease, speed and classic flavours of this recipe make a great case for why it was number one in August.

One-sheet Italian-style loaded chicken schnitzelsGet the recipe for one-sheet Italian-style loaded chicken schnitzels here.


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