3 delicious ways with veggie burgers

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3 delicious ways with veggie burgers

With the plant-based range from Woolies, you’ll want to enjoy veggie burgers breakfast, noon and night!


1. Veggie breakfast burger: Add a generous scoop of Woolies labneh to the plate. Cook 2-3 Woolies spicy quinoa burgers according to the package instructions and place on the labneh. Top with free-range eggs fried in olive oil, roasted tomatoes on the vine, chickpeas fried in olive oil and paprika and fried kale, topped with a drizzle of oil from the pan. Sprinkle with chilli salt and dig in!

2. Lunchtime lettuce burgers: Place a few Crunchita leaves on the plate. Top with scoops of hummus, then add two veg risotto Kievs, cooked according to the package instructions. Top with thinly-sliced beetroot, scoops of ripe avo, fresh pesto (basil or rocket), a splash of lime juice, sliced radish and beetroot leaves. Season with salt and pepper and get in there!

3. Ultimate veggie burger: Start with toasted burger buns and top with a scoop of creamy avo hummus. Cook a butter bean & spinach veggie burger according to the package instructions. Top with grilled red peppers, another cooked veggie patty, sliced Emmentaler, fresh rocket and pickled pink onions. Serve with baked sweet potato and baby marrow crisps and enjoy!

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