• 5 new ways with cream cheese

    Cream cheese is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Eat it as is or jazz it up with one of Hannah Lewry’s five mouthwatering ways. Pro tip: make more than you think you need. You (and your guests) will be going back for seconds… And thirds and fourths.

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    Country Road’s new summer collection celebrates the beauty of simplicity with a range of classic, yet contemporary homeware. It incorporates clean-lined pieces in gold, copper, black, white and natural timber finishes. Essentially, the perfect supporting cast for an unforgettable summer of lazy days and late, laughter-filled nights.

  • 3 ways with spinach

    Oh, Popeye, you poor fool. Eating the good stuff straight from the can when you could have enjoyed it in a bright, minty salad, creamy soup or spongy pan-fried dumplings.

  • Pinotage: our national treasure

    Pinotage is as proudly South African as braaivleis and boerewors, says Cape Wine Master Allan Mullins. Drink the good stuff and you’ll see why our homegrown varietal deserves the accolades.

  • Seafood recipes to try this week

    There are different schools (see what we did there?) of thought on what makes a perfect seafood dish. We like to think it’s the mixture of salt, crunch and zesty spices. We’ve rustled up some of our favourites here.

  • 5 meals to make this week

    Forget about defrosting those chicken breasts. We’ll perk-up your weeknight meals with a different white meat and have you prepping dinner in 40 minutes or less.

  • 3 ways with mielies

    Start the fire and get your butter-basting technique on point: tonight, we braai mielies. For salad, soup and the sheer pleasure of eating it all smoky and charred, straight off the cob.

  • Flat white vs cappuccino

    Coffee’s on me

    Trying to impress that hot date with coffee at your place? A plunger just won’t do it these days. You need some serious kit and the vocab to go with it. Take this crash course from the experts.

  • A few of SA’s favourite national flavours

    South African cuisine is a melting-pot of flavours (see what we did there?). While we savour these dishes all year round, Heritage Day is a good excuse as any to celebrate these smokey, spicy, classic and sweet favourites.

  • Keeping it in the family

    The Cousins Trattoria in Cape Town’s eponymous pasta dish is the stuff of legends: finished off in half a hollowed wheel of Grana Padano, no less. Co-owner Simone Briganti talks us through the steps.

  • 1 hot milk, 4 ways

    Nothing says solace like a mug of warm milk (laced with your favourite “extra” spice) to warm your hands and take you back to nursery dreams.