• Best of the zest: 10 citrus recipes to make winter more bearable

    Best of the zest: 10 winter citrus recipes

    If the chilly weather is getting you down, why not lift your spirits with bright, juicy, vitamin C-packed citrus? Not only are they nutritious (and delicious on their own), but they also add a tantalising tang to a myriad dishes. We round up some of our favourite belly-warming, citrusy recipes to keep the winter blues at bay.

  • Prepared tomatoes: the ultimate ingredient for your winter meals

    Prepared tomatoes: the ultimate winter ingredient

    With winter upon us, we find ourselves relying more and more on tomatoes to add flavour to stews, bakes and Italian pasta sauces, which is why it’s so fortunate that Woolies has such a great range of prepared varieties. Here are our favourites.

  • Eat your favourite winter comfort foods without expanding your waistline (too much)

    Winter indulgence without the weight gain

    There is a host of winter comfort foods that are simply too good to resist, like fluffy mash served with a thick gravy, and good old spaghetti and meatballs. If you’re watching your waistline and are worried that most of your favourites are laden with carbs, there are clever ways around it – thanks to our smart recipes and Woolworths’ range of carb-clever eats, that is.

  • The perennial appeal of olive oil

    The perennial appeal of olive oil

    While coconut oil might be the cooking fat that’s on everyone’s lips at the moment, we’re still enamoured with olive oil. Here are six reasons why it’s still our go-to store-cupboard essential.

  • Is gas braaiing the way to go?

    With loadshedding in full swing and winter’s chill slowly creeping in, we’re faced with a double whammy that’s making us frequently turn to cooking apparatus that doesn’t require electricity. TASTE investigates the benefits of gas braaiing, with a few suggestions for foods that can be cooked to perfection over gas.

  • The evolution of pizza

    The evolution of pizza

    From the classic peasant dish enjoyed by Neopolitans, to sausage-and-cheese-filled crust creations topped with more ingredients you can shake a stick at, the pizza has certainly come a long way. TASTE features writer Annette Klinger investigates.

  • Bone broth: what’s the big deal?

    Bone broth: what’s the big deal?

    The age-old flavour-packed liquid, used for everything from settling the stomach to forming the base of delicious dishes, is currently taking the world by storm. TASTE investigates the trend

  • Food movies for mom

    In a couple of days it’ll be Mother’s Day and, sure, flowers and chocolates are a fine gift, but why not give your mom something she’ll really treasure and treat her to some one-on-one quality time with movie night? Just make sure you have some snacks to hand – our suggestions are sure to make you salivate.

  • The who, where and when of high tea

    In anticipation of Mother’s Day – and the fact that many of you are probably planning on spoiling your mom with a tea-fuelled treat of some sort – we take a look at the origins of high tea and suggest a few tasty tidbits to make if you want to put together one of your own

  • 3 forgotten veg and their uses

    3 forgotten veg and their uses

    The gnarly and knobbly vegetables that enjoyed their peak in the days of old are once again in fashion. We round up three of the tastiest and suggest delicious ways to try them.