10 most popular recipes in October 2022

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10 most popular recipes in October 2022

We share recipes to inspire you daily. They range from delectable desserts, quick-and-easy meals to more involved dishes that are sure to impress. But some recipes get more love than others. If you’re curious to know what the TASTE community made in October, we’ve got you! Here are the 10 most popular recipes from this past month. Spoiler: lots of epic sandwiches and sweet treats ahead.

10. Oven-toasted ham and cheese sandwiches

Lunch is very important, and often neglected, but we want to make sure you’re having the best meal at this time. So we created a post with 6 recipes that are perfect for lunch no matter what your day looks like. Of all the recipes we posted, Phillippa Cheifitz’s oven-toasted ham and cheese sandwiches were the most popular, and we can see why. Cheese toasties are a classic and this version has prosciutto crudo, mayo and Dijon mustard – yum!

Ham-and-cheese toasted sandwiches

Find the recipe for oven-toasted ham and cheese sandwiches here.

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9. Rice Krispie treats with chocolate ganache

Nostalgic, easy to make and delicious, Rice Krispie treats are the ideal recipe to make with the kids during school holidays. Many of you agreed! This recipe by Zorah Booley takes things up a notch by adding chocolate ganache into the mix.

Rice Krispie treats with chocolate ganache

Find the recipe for Rice Krispie treats with chocolate ganache here.

8. Biltong jaffles

We took two iconic South African foods and combined them to make this zinger of a recipe. Food stylist, Jacqueline Burgess created three flavours for these jaffles: a South African-inspired, an Italian-inspired jaffle and a Tex-Mex-inspired jaffle. All you have to do is decide which one to make first.


Find the recipe for biltong jaffles here.

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7. Mashed potato toast

Carbs on carbs – it doesn’t get more comforting than that! These cheesy potato toasts are the brainchild of the deputy food editor, Khanya Mzongwana. Inspired by skordalia, this potato toast features garlic, walnuts and dill and is packed with flavour. This version is made with dairy-free cheese, but you can make it with regular cheese too.

Potato Toast

Find the recipe for mashed potato toast here.

6. Braaibroodjie club sandwich

This is another Khanya Mzongwana creation that you couldn’t get enough of. A triple-decker sandwhich filled with cheese, bacon, avo, egg and vegetable atchar – it may be the most epic braaibroodjie ever created!

Braaibroodjie Club Sandwich

Find the recipe for braaibroodjie club sandwich here 

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5. Chana magaj

Diwali was on the 24th of October, so it’s not surprising that this iconic Indian sweet treat was one of the most popular recipes this month. Chana magaj is often present at Diwali celebrations along with a myriad of other sweetmeats. More Diwali treats up ahead!


Find the recipe for chana magaj here.

4. Soji balls

Soji balls are another popular Diwali treat and are one of the simplest sweetmeats to make. This is baker, blogger, and food photographer, Landi Govender’s take on the classic treat.

soji balls

Find the recipe for soji balls here.

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3. Pampoenkoekie tray bake

This recipe was featured on the back page of the September/October issue of TASTE and we received many messages asking us for the recipe before it was published. When it finally dropped this month, it was an instant hit. Made with Woolies’ readymade pumpkin and sweet potato mash – and smothered in caramel sauce – it’s the ultimate tray bake.

Pampoekoekie tray bake

Find the recipe for pampoenkoekies tray bake here. 

2. Burfi

Burfi is arguably the most popular Diwali sweetmeat, so it is no surprise that this shot up this most popular recipe list. Award-winning freelance food and travel journalist, Ishay Govender gave this classic treat a modern twist by making a panna cotta version, and it’s spectacular.

burfi panna cotta

Find the recipe for burfi panna cotta here.

1. Chocolate jumble pudding

A versatile chocolate dessert than can be made with all of your favourite sweet treats? Yes, please! Food director Abigail Donnelly’s chocolate jumble pudding is quite possibly the easiest dessert you’ll ever make. The secret’s in that coconut caramel sauce, which brings it all together.


Find the recipe for chocolate jumble pudding here. 

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