We’re crazy for coconut milk and cream. Here’s why

By TASTE, 17 May 2017

Exactly how crazy, you ask? Does 124 recipes featuring coconut milk or cream explain it? We think so. Never tried it? Read on to find out how this pantry staple can transform your cooking, for the better.

What’s the difference? Coconut milk vs. coconut cream

If you guessed consistency – you guessed right! Coconut milk and coconut cream are created by boiling coconut flesh with water. Coconut milk has the same consistency as cow’s milk, whereas coconut cream is much thicker and richer and uses a higher ratio of shredded coconut flesh to water.

Up your flavour game using coconut milk or coconut cream

Change the flavour profile of a curry or soup. Use it to poach or bake fish or chicken or for a different take on creamed spinach. Adding a splash of coconut milk or cream will amp up the creamy factor of mash, plus add a little earthy flavour.

Add coconut milk to oats, granola or cereal and smoothies, or to scrambled eggs.

Did you know you can whip coconut milk like cream?

It’s a great alternative to traditional whipped cream…We’re looking at you, vegan and lactose-intolerant peeps.

Place 1 x 400 g can full-cream coconut milk (the low-fat version will say light or reduced fat on the label) in the fridge overnight or until very cold. Open the can and scoop out the firm, slightly waxy layer that has formed on the top. (This is the coconut fat that separates from the water). Place the cream in a bowl and, using a using a electric hand-beater, whip until fluffy, this takes about 3–5 minutes. Serve as you would whipped cream, try it on scones, cream puffs, pavlova, strawberry cobbler and this raspberry-and-coconut sponge.

Cook’s note: If you find the coconut flavour too strong, add a drop or two of vanilla extract.

Discover more recipes featuring coconut milk and cream here.

What’s your favourite way to use coconut milk or cream? Tell us in the comments below…


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