Watermelon in a salad? 7 recipes to prove it can – and should! – be done

By TASTE, 14 January 2019

These seven salads celebrate our favourite summer fruit: watermelon.

Grilled halloumi and watermelon salad

For an extra spicy hit, add sweet smoked paprika or whole garlic and ginger to the chilli oil.

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Wacky no-waste watermelon salad bowl

A great way to repurpose the shells of melons, watermelons and coconuts is to use them as salad bowls!
Watermelon salad
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Watermelon "pizza"

Not strictly a pizza per se, but a slice of watermelon adds a pop of colour to this seasonal salad.
Watermelon pizza recipe
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Spicy corn fritters with watermelon salad

Keep a supply of frozen sweetcorn in your freezer for emergencies like a sudden need for these moreish fritters – perfect for pleasing the family on a Friday night, or feeding to guests who pop in for drinks over the weekend.
Spicy corn fritters with watermelon salad recipe
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Melon ball salad

Pleasing to look at and to eat!

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Juicy watermelon salad with cucumber and chilli yoghurt

A simple salad with a spicy Asian twist.

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Tart green tomato and sweet watermelon salad with tomato seed dressing

This recipe graced the January / February 2013 issue, one of the TASTE's best-selling issues ever!

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