• Cook ostrich fillet

    Cook ostrich fillet

    Ostrich meat is delicious, naturally low-fat and those available from Woolworths are free-range to boot – no routine antibiotics or growth hormones are administered to the animals. Here are some handy tips on how to prepare it.

  • Make tempura batter

    Make tempura batter

    Tempura is a light Japanese batter used to coat a variety of foods before they’re gently deepfried. This tempura batter has been tested a number of times and we consider it a winner.

  • Poach an egg

    Poach an egg

    There is nothing that strikes more fear into the heart of any seasoned chef than cooking the perfect egg. If you want to send him (or her) crying home to mommy; ask for your egg to be poached.

  • Make-Napoletana-sauce

    Make Napoletana sauce

    A famous tomato sauce from Naples in Italy, Napoletana sauce is great over pasta with gratings of Parmesan.

  • Make your own garam masala

    Make your own garam masala

    Garam (meaning ‘hot’) masala is a special spice blend used to add the heat to Indian curry dishes.

  • How to make no-churn caramel swirl ice cream

    How to make no-churn caramel swirl ice cream

    With so many of us watching what we eat and how we eat, treat days are as exciting, if not more, than Christmas morning is to a child. And on those days there’s nothing more rewarding than a scoop or five of your favourite ice cream, especially on hot summer days.

  • Cook steak perfectly

    Cook steak perfectly

    There’s nothing more delicious than a thick cut of prime, juicy steak, cooked perfectly. Here’s your quick guide to cooking steak at home.

  • Cook asparagus

    Cook asparagus

    Asparagus is best when bought in season as they lose flavour and crispness within days after being harvested. Here are some tips on preparing them.

  • Make potato rosti

    Make potato rosti

    This dish can be served as a side or a main depending on how many you make. Serve with cream cheese and a generous helping of fresh salmon. Follow the steps and most of all, enjoy!

  • Make koeksisters

    Make koeksisters

    Traditional koeksister recipes can have slight variations: some use milk instead of water, others use fresh yeast and there are those who swear by adding cream of tartar to the syrup to give koeksisters that essential crispy exterior. Here’s our favourite version.

  • Cook quinoa

    Cook quinoa

    We love “keen-wa” – that’s the way you say it – from Peru where it is highly valued as a staple. And rightly so, for it is rich in protein. It’s a complete protein in fact, high in magnesium, a good source of fibre and gluten free. You may think it’s a grain, but it’s actually a seed. It has a wonderful mouthfeel – fluffy and nutty with a bit of bite.

  • Roast chicken

    Roast chicken

    An eternal favourite, a perfectly roast chicken is actually very easy to do. Here’s the classic way.

  • Make sticky malva pudding

    Make sticky malva pudding

    Made with apricot jam with a spongy caramalised texture, every South African loves a traditional malva pudding. Serve hot, with fresh cream, ice cream or vanilla custard.

  • Make self-saucing lemon pudding

    Make self-saucing lemon pudding

    Serve this delicious dessert hot with a little bit of cream.

  • Make chilli poppers

    Make chilli poppers

    What better way is there to kick off a Mexican-themed party than a round of tequila and a platter of fiery jalapeño poppers?

  • Make a cheese fondue without a fondue pot

    Make a cheese fondue without a fondue pot

    What about a mouthwatering pot of warm melted cheese, served with crusty bread, vegetables or even grilled sausages? Fondue is making its way back into many kitchens – here’s our version of this retro dish.

  • Cook chicken breasts perfectly

    Cook chicken breasts perfectly

    Cooking filleted chicken breasts so that they are juicy and tender is quite an art. Follow our steps and they’ll be perfect every time.

  • Roast-butternut

    Cook butternut

    Butternut is one of the most beloved members of the Cucurbitaceae family. It deserves a bit more than simply butter and sugar. Here are some easy ideas.