• Make perfect custard

    Make perfect custard

    Making your own custard from scratch is easier than you think. Here’s how to end up with sweet, silky heaven and not scrambled eggs

  • Devein a prawn

    Devein a prawn

    The dark “vein” you see along the tops of uncleaned prawns isn’t a vein at all, it’s the intestinal tract. It won’t kill you but can be
    unpleasant to eat. Here’s how to get rid of it.

  • Baked-caramelised-apples-and-custard-400x400

    Foolproof custard

    Jason Lilley, owner of Jason’s Bakery and the man to thank for South Africa’s doughssant – and many other legendary creations – teaches us how to make the creamiest custard ever.

  • Poach eggs perfectly

    Poach eggs perfectly

    Poaching eggs can be tricky. But with the right method (and super-fresh eggs), you can get it right everytime. Here’s how to poach eggs perfectly, courtesy of Thomas Keller.

  • How to prepare artichokes

    Prepare artichokes

    Love the grassy, slightly nutty flavour of artichokes but don’t know how to prep them? Learn how to steam and eat whole artichokes with Abigail Donnelly’s step-by-step instructions.

  • Make risotto

    Make risotto

    Patience is the secret ingredient that sets a great risotto apart from a stodgy rice porridge, says Liam Tomlin. Here, the renowned chef shows how it’s done in four easy steps.

  • Make basic crêpes

    Make basic crêpes

    A pale yellow surface dimpled with gold, french-lace frilly edges and a texture so delicate you can barely pick it up. Abigail Donnelly reveals the secret to making perfect crêpes.

  • Make panko crumbs

    Make panko crumbs

    Panko breadcrumbs are Japanese breadcrumbs favoured by chefs the world over for their delicate, crisp texture. They are available at Woolworths, but if you can’t find them, it’s well worth making them at home.

  • How to make hollandaise sauce

    Make hollandaise sauce

    Smooth and silky with a lemony zing, a good Hollandaise sauce can transform the mediocre into the magnificent, plus, it’s really quite simple to make

  • How to make rotis

    How to make rotis

    Rotis are delicious buttery flatbreads that are perfect for mopping up curries. TASTE Food Assistant Clement Pedro shows us just how easy it is to make your own rotis in four simple steps.

  • How to make your own tacos

    Make your own tacos

    Taco shells are a unique way to parcel your delicious Mexican offerings before jamming them in your face, but we all know how pricey they can be. The good news is that with a little effort and know-how, you can prepare your own taco shells.