5 ClemenGold recipes that prove it’s the best citrus ever

By TASTE, 5 July 2023

We’re convinced that ClemenGold are the citrus GOAT. They’re easy to peel, small enough to pack in lunchboxes and can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. To get you to board the ClemenGold train, we’ve rounded up 5 jaw-dropping recipes to try. And if you’re already on the train, you’ll definitely love them!

1. Baked ClemenGold sago pudding

This pudding by Keletso Motau is perfect for winter (or when you're craving something warm and comforting). The best part? You need just six ingredients to make it! P.S. the poached ClemenGolds in this recipe can be served with cream or ice cream on warmer days, so this recipe can serve you all year round.


Find the recipe for baked ClemenGold sago pudding here.

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2. ClemenGold-and-mustard pork steaks

In need of a quick dinner? This whole recipe by Hannah Lewry comes together in just 30 minutes! You need Woolies' bottled ClemenGold juice to make the marinade, but you can use freshly squeezed ClemenGold juice too. The pork steaks are sticky and sweet and are served with mushrooms, spinach and Woolworths' seven-grain medley, but you can have it with any sides you like.


Find the recipe for ClemenGold-and-mustard pork steaks here. 


3. ClemenGold baked custard

Here's another six-ingredient dessert for you (well, seven if you sprinkle the top with nutmeg). This ClemenGold recipe by Abigail Donnelly comes together in 25 minutes and is super-easy to make. Plus, it's a great way to use ClemenGold peels so nothing goes to waste.


Find the recipe for ClemenGold baked custard here.

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4. Air-fryer roast chicken

If you haven't tried making roast chicken in your air-fryer yet, this is your sign to do it. Abigail Donnelly's roast chicken is legendary at TASTE and she adapted it for the air-fryer with spectacular results. The chicken is roasted with ClemenGolds in and around it for the perfect citrus flavour. This is a good one for your next Sunday lunch.

Air-fryer citrus chicken with crispy onions and warm cauliflower salad

Find the recipe for air-fryer roast chicken here.

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5. Upside-down marzipan ClemenGold cake

We've had pudding and custard, now it's time for cake! This upside-down marzipan ClemenGold cake by Hannah Lewry looks very impressive, but is a cinch to make. Hannah recommends making it a day ahead and keeping it in the cake tin until ready to serve.

Upside-down marzipan ClemenGold cake

Find the recipe for upside-down marzipan ClemenGold cake here.

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    24 August 2023

    You don’t sell marzipan!!!!!

    1. Annzra Denita
      25 August 2023

      Hi there – this is TASTE magazine not Woolworths stores. While we are affiliated with Woolworths, the recipes we create are done independently by our team of food stylists. Thus, we will sometimes use ingredients that are not sold in Woolworths. Hope this clears things up. Best, Annzra Denita Naidoo – Online Editor