SPONSORED: How to grow your family’s wealth with the PPS Investments Family Network

By TASTE, 19 December 2020

Did you know that by investing as a family, you have the potential to reduce admin fees and grow your future wealth? This is possible through the PPS Investments Family Network. But how does it actually work?

The goal of the PPS Investments Family Network is clear and simple: to aid you and your family with the opportunity to build intergenerational wealth. Your family members’ investments can be connected in a Family Network, and depending on the combined value of the family’s assets, can benefit from a reduced family administration fee.

The benefits? It gives your parents access to lower administration fees; it provides you as core investor with lower fees (which boost your savings), and it helps encourage a culture of saving among your children.

So who can join?

As the core investor, you have the option to connect your spouse, your parents (as well as parents-in-law) and children. All these family members must invest with PPS Investments in order to connect.

How is the administration fee determined?

Each family member’s investments are connected to determine the total family market value that will be applied to the PPS Investments administration fee scale. This establishes the family administration fee that will apply to each family member. The more you and your family invest, the more everyone benefits.

For example: the admin fee on the first R1.5 million is 0.5% (excl VAT). But the more you invest, the lower the admin fees applied. The admin fee for the next R3.5 million is 0.2%, and 0.1% for amounts over R5 million. The reduction of admin fees will, over a period of time, contribute to compound savings.

How do I create a Family Network?

Speak to your accredited financial adviser and explore the Family Network play-zone by visiting pps.co.za to see how much you and your family could save on admin fees. Then head over to the PPS Investments Secure Site, where you can create and manage your Family Network.

Photograph: August de Richelieu from Pexels 


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