10 epic snacks for the Rugby World Cup final

By TASTE, 27 October 2023

It was a tense ride but South Africa are in the 2023 Rugby World Cup finals to defend the title! We know that you will all gather this Saturday (28 October 2023) for a game day get together. We also know that you’re going to need snacks, and lots of them to get to the 9 pm kick off and the 80 minutes of play. So we’ve rounded up 10 awesome snacks for you to enjoy during the finals.

1. Sensory platter

The last two matches against France and England were nerve-wracking! While we hope the finals will not cause collective anxiety like those did, it's good to be prepared. Khanya Mzongwana's sensory platter is a good tool to help with anxiety – you fill it with a variety of foods with different tastes, textures and temperatures and all these different sensations help bring you back to the present and calm down. Mix it up and add all your favourite snacks.

Sensory platter

Find the recipe for the sensory platter here.

2. Dunked wings

You've got to have wings on game day! These dunked wings by Mogau Seshoene, a.k.a. The Lazy Makoti, hit all the right notes. Plus, you can use the recipe to make dunked cauliflower for a meat-free option.


Find the recipe for dunked wings here. 

3. Cheese-and-sweetcorn samoosas

Not only has Landi Govender created the perfect sweet, spicy and cheesy filling for these samoosas, but she also shares a recipe for tamarind chutney to dip them in! If you don't have samoosa pur (pastry), you can make these using phyllo pastry or spring roll pastry. Either way, you'll have a great crunchy, cheesy snack to enjoy.

Cheese-and-sweetcorn samoosas

Find the recipe for cheese-and-sweetcorn samoosas here.

4. Herby pap braai dippers

If you're having a braai in the afternoon, we suggest you make extra pap to make these herby pap braai dippers for the match. Hannah Lewry outdid herself with this one! She uses Woolworths' cheese fondue kit as a dip, but you can use whatever want, like chakalala or ibhisto.

Herby pap braai dippers

Find the recipe for herby pap braai dippers here.

5. Spicy potato-and-cheese balls

Cheese and potatoes are a match made in heaven! So these spicy potato-and-cheese balls by Fatima Saib are a must for the Rugby World Cup final. You can play around with the herbs and spices to your preference. Serve them with chutney for maximum enjoyment.

Spicy potato-and-cheese balls

Find the recipe for spicy potato and cheese balls here.

6. Crunchy crumbed mushrooms

These mushrooms are extra crispy thanks to the combination of sesame seeds and panko crumbs. Plus, they're super-easy to make! Pair them with gochujang mayo for the perfect crispy, spicy bite.

Crunchy crumbed mushrooms

Find the recipe for crunchy crumbed mushrooms here. 

7. Spicy boerewors bites

It doesn't get more proudly South African than boerewors! So why not add some gees to the snack table with Siba Mtongana's spice boerewors bites?

Find the recipe for spicy boerewors bites here.

8. Easiest, cheesiest nachos

"Easiest" is not an exaggeration when it comes to this title. Jacqueline Burgess made sure you get maximum flavour with minimal effort with this recipe. It's made using convenience products from Woolies and comes together in just 10 minutes!

Find the recipe for the easiest, cheesiest nachos here.

9. Braaied crudité plate

If you're hosting an early game day braai, you may need something to tide you over until the 9 pm kick-off time. Serve Khanya's braaied crudité plate with her home-made bean dip, or get a selection of your favourite dips and spreads to enjoy.

Find the recipe for braaied crudité plate here.

10. Biltong-and-cheese twists

Sure, you can serve biltong as is, or you can make it better by making these easy biltong-and-cheese twists! The best part? You need just 5 ingredients to make them!

Find the recipe for biltong and cheese twists here. 


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