12 of our best soup recipes

By TASTE, 11 May 2020

Our best soup recipes are easy to master and just a little bit special. Need an inspired chicken soup, or the ultimate butternut soup? You’ve come to the right place.

1. Potato bread, tomato soup and roasted raclette

Not that we're playing favourites or anything, but this tomato soup by Abigail Donnelly is right up there in our top ten. If you're pressed for time, just make the soup not the bread or raclette. You'll be pleased to know the oven does most of the work for you.potato bread tomato soup and roasted racletteFind the recipe for potato bread, tomato soup and roasted raclette here.

2. Roast cauliflower, garlic and white bean soup

We love cauliflower in just about anything, but one of our all-time favourite ways to eat it is as soup. This one by Brita Du Plessis is tops. The addition of beans here adds body, as well as creaminess, and is a good way of using up some of those tins in your pantry. Get the recipe for roast cauliflower, garlic and white bean soup here.ALSO READ: 3 of our favourite veg-heavy soups for winter

3. Roast tomato soup with Caprese toast

What kind of list would this be without the perennial favourite, tomato soup? This is a great way of using up overripe tomatoes and freezes (and doubles!) very well too. The Caprese toast makes a luxe side dish, but if you can't get hold of all the ingredients, a slice of warm, crusty bread will just do just as well.Get the recipe for roast tomato soup with Caprese toast here.

4. Turkish red lentil soup

This hearty soup is great for end-of-the-month dinners, when you need to fashion a substantial meal out of pantry goods. Lentils are inexpensive, and last for ages, meaning you'll nearly always be able to whip this up.Get the recipe for Turkish red lentil soup here.ALSO READ: 7 iconic comfort food dishes

5. Leek-and-onion soup with ricotta frittata

Get all of the benefits of a classic onion soup, without all of the hard work. This easy recipe is a reminder that a handful of great ingredients is all it takes to make a warming bowl of soup. The frittata here is a nice add-on, but by no means essential. To up the richness factor, you could just grate over a generous amount of mature Cheddar, Parmesan or Gruyère before serving.Get the recipe for leek-and-onion soup with ricotta frittata.

6. Asian butternut-and-chicken soup with prawn toast

Why choose between butternut or chicken soup when you can have both? This aromatic soup is full of flavour-bombs and holds its own entirely, so you can leave out the prawn toast if it feels too fiddly. The chicken frikkadels are also optional – leave them out or alternatively add shredded cooked chicken right at the end.Get the recipe for Asian butternut-and-chicken soup here.

7. Asian-style chicken broth with brown rice and soft-boiled egg

Can you ever really have enough chicken soup recipes? This one by Hannah Lewry is a team favourite because it's a clever use of two common leftover items: roast chicken and rice. You can also use this as a vehicle for a fridge clean out - throw in any greens you like, such as broccoli, spinach or peas. Throw everything into a bowl with a flavoursome stock, and you've got yourself the ideal winter warmer.Get the recipe for Asian-style chicken broth with brown rice and soft-boiled egg here.CHECK OUT: Our Asian recipe collection 

8. Fish soup with croutons, cheese and garlic mayo

Something about fish soup always seems slightly extra, but when you consider it calls for any white fish (even frozen hake) and tins of tomatoes, it's actually more of a store-cupboard saviour. Use any fish you have available, and even add in frozen mussels or prawns, if you like.Fish soup with croutons, cheese and garlic mayo recipeGet the recipe for fish soup with croutons, cheese and garlic mayo here.

9. Classic miso soup

Not only is it ready in minutes, but miso soup will comfort you without making you feel heavy. Add in any greens you like, or even a soft-boiled egg and hot sauce.miso-soup-with-nori-sheetsGet the recipe for classic miso soup here. Need more soup recipes? Check out our soup recipe collection. 

10. Spicy carrot-and-pumpkin soup with creamed feta and roast dukkah chickpeas

This soup is here to remind you to a) eat your vegetables and b) how easy that is to do in soup form. Replace the butternut with sweet potato if you don't have it (or use a mix of both). And while dukkah is delicious, tossing the chickpeas in whatever spices you do have (such as paprika, cumin or curry powder) will work just as well.Get the recipe for spicy carrot-and-pumpkin soup with creamed feta and roast dukkah chickpeas here.

11. Minestrone with scarpetta

You can't have a soup list without including this Italian classic! This recipe includes Abigial top tip for making the best-ever minestrone:  Parmesan rinds. Not only is it a great flavour booster, sometimes the rinds don’t melt all the way and someone might find a piece, almost like a lucky charm!Minestrone-with-scarpettaGet the recipe for minestrone with scarpetta here. 

12. Smoky corn soup with cheesy egg toast

Not sure how to use up a whole pack of mielies? Make this creamy soup. We love the subtle smokiness the liquid smoke adds, but it's not necessary at all if you can't find it. The soup is delicious without it.Get the recipe for smoky corn soup with cheesy egg toast.

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