5 ways to use food scraps

By Today With Woolies, 30 January 2017

And if your friends don’t quite get it, you can assure them that all the famous chefs are doing it.

TWWThe tops and tails of your favourite veg can be transformed into pretty palatable treats and save you a few Randelas in the process – all while decreasing your contribution to food waste (did you know fruit and vegetables make up the highest volume of SA’s food waste?).

Cauliflower leaves

Cauliflower leaves have a cabbagy flavour, so are great steamed with some butter, or even in slaw with a tangy dressing. Irish chef Tony Budde combines the leaves with pecorino and stock for soup.

Beetroot leaves

Use beetroot leaves as you would spinach – they only need a minute or two to wilt. Martha Stewart sautés them with garlic and tomato paste, while chef Marcus Samuelsson loves them fresh in a salad with blood oranges and onions.

Beetroot stalks

The crunchy stems of beetroot leaves are perfect for a quick pickle, but you can also do like Jamie Oliver does and blanch them before frying with garlic in olive oil, and finishing off with a dash of white wine.

Broccoli stems

Broccoli stems make for fabulous, simple sides, whether thinly sliced and marinated in olive oil and lemon juice, or sliced thick and pan-fried until charred. New York chef Anne Burrell juliennes them for a mayonnaise-laced slaw.

Carrot tops

Slightly bitter with a grassy taste, carrot tops are great combined with parsley in salsa verde or pesto. Chef and founder of WastEd pop-up dinners Dan Barber even uses it to make a marmalade.Woolies is always looking to reduce food waste – it donates food to the value of R485 million to about 1 400 NGO organisations every year.Learn more about Today With Woolies here.
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