6 of the best-ever butter recipes according to you

By TASTE, 23 June 2021

Our recent Instagram poll asked the TASTE community to choose their best butter recipes and the results are in. Fall in love with these 6 butter recipes – our followers sure did!


What's better than butter?

Some people say brown butter (further down) but that's still butter, so... not much! We asked our foodie community on Instagram for their favourite butter recipes and the results are in.

1. Vanilla-whipped Buttery scones

Light, airy and flawless scones are an art. Make sure yours rise to the occasion with our handy tips.


Find scones with vanilla-whipped butter recipe, here. 

2. Rump steaks with mustard butter

Butter basted steak? Say no more.

Find the mustard butter steak recipe, here.

3. Brown butter is even better

Use the sweet, slightly caramel flavour of this golden elixir to take pasta, prawns, and even porridge from pretty good to utterly exceptional.


Find out exactly how to make (and use) brown butter, here.

4. Cheesy mashed potato

The French call this genius idea aligot and it's traditionally made with Tomme de Laguiole or Tomme d’Auvergne cheese, but you can also use mozzarella, or any cheese you fancy, really.

Aligot (cheesy mash potato> recipe

Find the aligot (or cheesy mash) recipe, here.

5. Garlic bread

You'll find butter, butter and more butter in these three garlic bread recipes.

Try one of these three garlic bread recipes, here.

6. Bread and butter pudding with a twist

Well, two twists. We added lemon curd and used croissants!

Find the lemon curd bread and butter pudding recipe, here.

As a bonus, here is a recipe for an irresistible honey-whipped butter:




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