Roast duck with minimal effort? Yes please!

By Today With Woolies, 22 December 2016

Impress the in-laws this festive season with zero-added stress. They’ll never guess that Woolies was your trusty sous–chef.


Want to splash out a little this Christmas but can’t handle the stress of roasting a duck just right? Enter Woolies’ range of prepared free-range duck roasts. They’re the easiest way to impress folks around the table with the least amount of effort. Plus, they’re locally-reared, fresh (never frozen) and are fed a diet free of animal by-products with no antibiotics or growth promoters.

We’re partial to the duck with hoisin drizzle – served with a cherry salad (tossed with watercress, baby spinach, rocket, sprouts, walnuts and pomegranate rubies) and crispy potatoes and leeks roasted in duck fat. Boil baby potatoes until tender, then drain. Heat a few tablespoons of duck fat in a wide pan and add the cooked potatoes and a few chopped leeks. When the potatoes are golden brown on one side, turn and gently press down on them using a potato masher so that the skins burst and some of the flesh is exposed. Fry until crispy on both sides. Heat the duck according to package instructions and serve with the salad, potatoes and leeks. Bon appétit!

Get your Easy-to-Cook roast from Woolies now and make this your tastiest, least stressful Christmas lunch yet.

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