SPONSORED: 5 delicious on-the-go lunches

By TASTE, 26 January 2021

Stuck at what to make for lunch at-your-desk or on-the-go? Luckily, the Woolworths Good-to-go range offers a fantastic variety of delicious options (wraps, burgers, sarmies …) as well as refreshing cold-pressed juices and smoothies to wash it down with. Lunch is sorted!

1. The chicken wrap lunch: Combine one sun-dried tomato chicken wrap with veggie fingers, hummus to dip in, fruit & nut bites for something sweet, and a cold-pressed Re-green smoothie to wash it down with.

2. The sarmie lunch: Enjoy a cold-pressed orange juice with a tomato, cheese & ham sandwich, along with quinoa chips to munch on, and blueberries for a sweet treat.

3. The roti lunch: Grab a lamb mince curry roti and serve it with fresh fruit like strawberries and pineapple, along with a bottle of flavoured sparkling water.

4. The beef wrap lunch: Start with an Asian beef wrap with rainbow slow, then add rice cakes for a bit of crunch, fresh mango for a sweet hit, and a cold-pressed ginger juice for refreshment.

5. The burger lunch: Ditch your normal lunch routine with a beef & cheese burger, veggie crisps on the side, baby tomatoes for a pop of colour, and a Berry energy oat bar for something sweet. Enjoy!

In need of a quick fix? Shop the Good-to-Go range here.


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