The 10 most popular recipes in August 2022

By TASTE, 2 September 2022

We post next-level recipes on our social media daily, but which were the crème de la crème in August? These were the 10 most popular recipes for the month. Spoiler alert: Lots of comfort food and yummy bakes coming your way!

10. Avocado-and-lime loaf cake with lime drizzle

Have a few overripe avos hanging around that you need to use ASAP? This recipe is the answer! The avos don’t provide much flavour to this bake, but their fattiness keeps it moist. Add a little kick with lime and you have the perfect tea-time treat.Find the recipe for avocado and lime loaf cake with lime drizzle here.

9. Malva cupcakes with milk tart frosting

Two of South Africa's favourite desserts combined in cupcake form... there was no way this recipe was not going to make the top 10. Christine Capendale shared this recipe with us from her cookbook Baking: For Profit and Pleasure.Malva cupcakes with milk tart frostingFind the recipe for malva cupcakes with milk tart frosting here.

8. Creamy biltong pasta

Biltong, but in pasta! We added biltong powder to the cheese sauce and biltong slices to give this pasta a lekker umami kick. Plus it's ready in just 30 minutes. You're welcome!Creamy biltong pastaFind the recipe for creamy biltong pasta here.

7. Lentil curry with two-ingredient flatbreads

Mogau Seshoene, a.k.a.  The Lazy Makoti, is known for her super-easy recipes and this lentil-and-potato curry is no exception. Throw in home-made flatbreads and you're set up for an awesome meat-free meal.Lentil-curry-with-two-ingredient-flatbreadsFind the recipe for lentil curry with two-ingredient flatbreads here.Fan of The Lazy Makoti? Find all of her recipes here.

6. The OG lasagne

Clearly, the TASTE community was making loads of comfort food in August! Lasagne is the epitome of comfort food, and this particular lasagne recipe is our food director Abigail Donnelly's absolute favourite. Turns out, it's one of your favourites, too.lasagneFind the recipe for The OG lasagne here. 

5. Self-saucing lemon pudding

Forget lemonade, this August you were making self-saucing lemon pudding instead! Sam Woulidge recommends preparing the batter beforehand, but put it in the oven 40 minutes before serving so that you eat it fluffy and warm with the tangy lemon curd sauce.Self-saucing-lemon-puddingFind the recipe for self-saucing lemon pudding here.

4. Mandazi with ClemenGold-infused chocolate sauce

Is it the golden brown, spicy, fluffy fried dough? Is it the ClemenGold-infused chocolate sauce? It's everything! Keletso Motau created sweet treat heaven with this epic combination.Find the recipe for mandazi with ClemenGold-infused chocolate sauce here.

3. Beef stew

With the numerous cold fronts that swept through the county in August, it's no wonder so many of you turned to this hearty beef stew to chase away the chill.beef stewFind the recipe for beef stew here.

2. Air-fryer citrus chicken

Succulent, citrusy roast chicken made in air-fryer, this recipe is pure gold. Plus, the recipes include crispy onions and a warm cauliflower salad (also made in an air-fryer) to seal the deal.Air-fryer citrus chicken with crispy onions and warm cauliflower saladFind the recipe for air-fryer citrus chicken here.

1. Torta Caprese al limone

And the top spot goes to Abigail's torta Caprese al limone a.k.a. the OG gluten-free cake! Abigail used white chocolate instead of dark to make this and added sticky roasted strawberries and creme fraîche to take it to the next level.Introducing the OG gluten-free cake! Torta Caprese al limone – or almond-lemon cake – is the easiest (and most delicious!) cake you’ll make this year. We used white chocolate instead of dark, and added sticky roasted strawberries to seal the deal.Find the recipe for Torta Caprese al limone here. 

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