It’s time to think beyond bangers and mash

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It’s time to think beyond bangers and mash

While we’re not suggesting you ever turn down the classic bangers and mash, we are recommending you branch out your mashing repertoire. Think sweet potato, bean, butternut and more.

Make sweet potato mash the supper star

Boil the sweet potato in stock for added flavour or add a tablespoon of turmeric for extra flavour. Earthy sweet potato mash is the perfect accompaniment for lamb: serve it with this leg of lamb or barbeque-spiced lamb chops.

Add a pop of colour with butternut mash

Gone are the days of sad, grey meals. Serve that perfect pangrilled steak with butternut mash: blend butternut with garlic, Parmesan and olive oil for a side that’s easy on the eyes. For a more decadent, creamy butternut mash, try adding a generous dollop of crème fraîche.

No-cook mash

Yes, really. Blend a can of butter beans with lemon, garlic and olive oil for a health-conscious spin on your standard potato mash (discover the recipe here). Serve with braaied lamb chops.

The carb-clever mash

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of cauliflower mash. Make your own by boiling cauliflower until cooked, then using a handblender, blend briefly with cream and salt. Pass the blended mixture through a sieve to remove any lumps. (Read the full recipe here.) Serve as part of a beef and cauli-mash shepherds pie.

Like what you see but don’t have a second to spare? Woolies has a solution for that. Its new range of Easy-to-Cook mashes will quickly become your weeknight staple. Think sweet potato with butter; butternut mash with butter, and baby marrow-and-sweet potato mash with herb butter. Discover more now.

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