15 bites to serve before a braai

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15 bites to serve before a braai

Whether you’re having friends over to watch rugby or you’re simply looking for easy eats to serve before a braai, we have the perfect bites to celebrate each occasion in style

Toasted avocado quesadilla wraps
Tortillas are a blank canvas that you can use to create mouthwatering quesadillas. They’re a hit with Woolworths hot chunky salsa!

Honey and chipotle glazed pork sausages
Like pork sausages? These bad boys are taken up a notch with a glaze of honey and chipotle for an explosion of flavour. You’re welcome.

Phyllo cheese strips
Three words: easy, cheesy, delicious.

Grilled halloumi skewers with olive tapenade
Skewered halloumi is good enough to enjoy on its own, but it also makes perfect dippers for olive tapenade. The verdict: dip it.

Charred chilli poppers with mozzarella and sweet chilli dipping sauce
Hannah Lewry’s take on chilli poppers will convert the greatest skeptic. Who can say no to stuffed Jalapenos oozing with a mix of melted cheeses? Exactly.

Easy home-made sausage rolls
Got ready-made puff pastry and pork bangers in your fridge? Just add a few odds and ends. The result? Golden deliciousness.

Chicken wings with home-made blue cheese dip
These wings are pretty fly, especially paired with this glorious five-ingredient dip.

Mozzarella-and-sage arancini balls
Arguably the best way to use up leftover risotto – these ballsy bites are packed with flavour!

Korma lamb kebabs with coriander-yoghurt dip
Skewered lamb marinated in a mild curry paste. Take it up a notch with a simple coriander-yoghurt dip.

Biltong-and-bacon dip with Parmesan breadsticks
Biltong and bacon lovers will find joy in this dip – and the Parmesan breadsticks will have a fan base of their own. No, really.

Rosemary lamb lollipops with beetroot tzatziki
Carnivores will love these meaty lollipops. Add beetroot tzatziki to make the flavours pop.

Sticky chicken wings with Asian slaw
Add international flavour to your spring party with a few Asian condiments. On the side: go for slaw.

Tuna-and-cream cheese baked peppers
Quadruple the recipe. This is a crowd-pleaser!

Skinny nachos
Nachos on the slim side: maintaining all the delicious flavours from ordinary nachos, minus the extra nasties.

Melted cheese dip
Dip anything and everything in here.

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