4 refreshing smoothies to kick-start your mornings

By TASTE, 22 January 2021

Mornings can be crazy. Between getting ready for the day, making sure the kids are taken care of and prepping for work (be it at an office or at home), you may forget to sit down and have breakfast. Smoothies are a great way to sip on something filling and wholesome in your morning routine.


1. Pineapple and rolled-oat smoothies

This fruity smoothie is a great dairy-free option. Plus, the rolled oats help make it more substantial.

Pineapple and rolled-oat smoothies recipe

Find the recipe for pineapple and rolled-oat smoothies here.

2. Get-up-and-go green smoothie

Get a good dose of greens before lunch with this delicious smoothie. It has all the tasty greens in it, including avo, kiwi fruit and spinach.

Find the recipe for get-up-and-go green smoothies here.

3. Strawberry, banana and granola smoothie

This recipe is more of a hybrid of a smoothie and smoothie bowl. It’s made with frozen strawberries, so you can eat this one with a spoon.

Strawberry, banana and granola smoothie recipe

Find the recipe for strawberry, banana and granola smoothies here.

4. Peanut butter-and-banana smoothie

This classic combo makes for a comforting smoothie that will definitely fill you up.

Peanut butter and banana smoothie recipe

Find the recipe for peanut butter-and-banana smoothies here.

Don’t have time to make your own smoothies?

Stock up on smoothies from Woolies. They have a great range of flavours and they’re the perfect foundation for epic smoothie bowls for the days you want to get a little fancy with breakfast.

Find out more at woolworths.co.za.


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