• Best of the zest: 10 citrus recipes to make winter more bearable

    Best of the zest: 10 winter citrus recipes

    If the chilly weather is getting you down, why not lift your spirits with bright, juicy, vitamin C-packed citrus? Not only are they nutritious (and delicious on their own), but they also add a tantalising tang to a myriad dishes. We round u…

  • Carb-clever convenience

    You no longer need to cook different dishes to satisfy your family, you can keep everyone happy with Woolworths’ new Slimmer’s Choice, Vegetarian and Carb Clever ready-made meals.

  • food trend 2015

    Foods you need to eat more of in 2015

    Say adios to dim sum and cronuts. As 2014 draws to a close, the movers and shakers of the food industry are predicting the top foods that will be on everybody’s lips come the new year. We round up some of the foods that will not only be h…

  • Oyster sauce

    A dark brown sauce flavoured consisting of oysters, brine and soy sauce cooked until thick and concentrated. It adds the umami flavour characteristic of Chinese, Filipino, Thai and Cantonese cooking. It does not have an overly fishy flavour…

  • Oyster sauce

    Oyster sauce has a thick consistency and is made from boiled oysters and seasoning (although it does not have an overly fishy flavour). Try it drizzled over steamed broccoli or Asian greens.

  • Low GI Foods

    Low gi - Glycemic Index or GI Index, is a ranking of carbohydrates on a scale from 0 to 100 according to the extent to which they raise blood sugar levels. Low GI = 55 or less Medium GI = 56 - 69 High GI = 70 or more This is a value obt…