Roll up your sleeves: it’s taco night!

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Roll up your sleeves: it’s taco night!

If the internet is anything to go by, tacos should be eaten every #TacoTuesday, right? But there are so many options that we say every night could – and should! – be taco night. We rounded up five of our favourite combos to get you started. Roll up your sleeves: it’s going to get messy!

1. Easy vegan tacos

Crunchy vegan tacos? Sign us up! These Asian-inspired vegan tacos are served with peanut sauce and, hear us out, crunchy baked avocado for an easy weeknight dinner.


Find the recipe for easy vegan

2. Crowd-pleasing crispy fish tacos

There’s not much that can top classic fish tacos. Crispy, battered hake topped with avocado-and-sour cream drizzle? We’ll take them all, thanks.

Find the recipe for crowd-pleasing crispy fish tacos here.

3. Slow-roasted pork mole tacos

Go low and slow with this one! Pork mole is a classic taco filling – and for good reason. Top with avocado and lime juice for the ultimate tacos.

Find the recipe for slow-roasted pork mole tacos here

4. Buffalo wing-style cauliflower tacos

Golden, crunchy crumbed cauliflower served with pickled onions and the quintessential guacamole: a great, flavour-packed veggie option!

Find the recipe for buffalo wing-style cauliflower tacos here.

5. Chicken tacos with blue-cheese dressing

Save time this taco Tuesday with Woolies’ spicy crumbed chicken breasts (is there anything you can’t do with a chicken schnitzel?) Finish things off with a tangy blue cheese dressing and spring onions on the side.

Find the recipe for chicken tacos with blue-cheese dressing here. 

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