These dishes really shine once you add some ClemenGold® flavour

By TASTE, 31 August 2020

Celebrate spring – and the fact that ClemenGolds are in season – by changing up your kitchen routine and using these zesty citrus fruit in your cooking. We’ve rounded up a couple of recipes that will really shine once you add some ClemenGolds.


ClemenGolds are in season and this vibrant fruit is such a welcome addition in the kitchen. To celebrate, we've rounded up a couple of recipes that actually ask for normal naartjies or other citrus - which means you can lift these dishes to great heights by adding zesty ClemenGolds instead.

Poached-naartjie crepes with salted caramel sauce

Spring might be coming but pancakes never go out of style and these citrus-flavoured crepes are sure to be a hit no matter what the weather looks like.

Get the recipe here.

Prawn and clementine salad

This easy salad recipe (the perfect lunch for Spring, we feel) asks for clementines, but the addition of ClemenGolds would work like a charm.

Get the recipe here.

Citrus-stuffed salmon

Another perfect recipe for spring. It's a bit more involved, so perhaps you can save it for a celebratory Sunday. It boasts a double whammy of citrus-stuffed salmon, plus a luscious citrus-and-asparagus salad. Swop the naartjies out for ClemenGolds and enjoy!

Stuffed salmon recipe

Get the recipe here.


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