5 comforting dishes with béchamel sauce

By TASTE, 28 September 2021

When it comes to hardworking sauces, béchamel is one of the best there is. Adaptable, versatile and delicious, here are just five ways we love to use it.

What can’t béchamel sauce do? Not much, if we’re honest. Made using butter, cooked with flour (a.k.a. a roux) and milk, béchamel is the thing that gives mac ’n cheese and lasagnes their creamy qualities. And while a white sauce isn’t particularly difficult to make (in fact, we break it down step-by-step here), sometimes life gets in the way, in which case, a readymade version is your best bet. We’ve rounded up 5 of our most comforting dishes that feature béchamel sauce, which could be either home-made or store-bought.


Instead of defaulting to lasagne, why not switch it up with an equally delicious, classic moussaka? It’s also a great way to sneak veggies onto kids’ plates.
moussakaGet the recipe for moussaka here.

Welsh rarebit waffles

Don’t ever call Welsh rarebit “cheese on toast” in front of a Welshman, because when done properly, it’s so much more than that. This recipe uses waffles for a bit of fun, but a slice of toasted sourdough would work just as well.

Get the recipe for Welsh rarebit waffles here.

Cheesy cauliflower tray bake

Cauliflower cheese might be the one dish all moms use to get their kids to eat more vegetables and we’re here for it.
Cheesy-cauliflower-tray-bakeGet the recipe for cheesy cauliflower tray bake here.

Abigail’s famous mac ’n cheese

Probably the poster child for béchamel sauce-based recipes, there’s no mac ’n cheese quite like this one from Abi.
Get the recipe for Abigail's famous mac 'n cheese here.

Easy, cheesy potato rösti bake

Just when you thought röstis couldn’t be improved upon, this comes along and steals the show. Pure comfort.
easy cheesy potato rosti bakeGet the recipe for easy, cheesy potato rösti bake here.

If making your own béchamel feels like a little too much, take it easy and buy a pack of fresh béchamel instead. It’s made just the way you would and ready to be used in any of the above recipes. No judgies here. Plus they also have a fresh spicy tomato sauce to use in other recipes like pasta. Enjoy!


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