Break the internet with this 3-ingredient Valentine’s dessert

By Today With Woolies, 11 February 2017

Trust us, you’ll never look at a Cutie Pie in the same way again.


Fluffy, vanilla-flavoured whipped mallow. On a sweet wafer biscuit. Covered in milk chocolate. Woolies’ legendary Cutie Pies practically sell themselves. Plus, they make whoever is on the receiving end of one feel pretty special, because who doesn’t like being called cute, right? So, how could one possibly improve upon the perfection that is the mallowy marvel, you ask? Make it the starring attraction in a frozen waffle sandwich to end all frozen waffle sandwiches, of course. Simply halve a couple of Cutie Pies, squish between toasted syrup waffles, roll in toasted almonds, then freeze for 5 to 6 hours until set. Then give it to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Or eat it yourself. #yolo

Need one more reason to love Woolies’ Cutie Pies? They’re made with UTZ-certified cocoa, which means the cocoa was farmed and sourced responsibly.

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