• The cheat’s guide to total wine snobbery

    There’s no such thing as a stupid question but, when it comes to wine, no-one wants to risk sounding like an idiot. So raise a glass to Platter’s for publishing this handy book that asks – and answers – all those questions for you.

  • The 10 new rules of white wine

    The first rule is: there are no rules. Just be sure you won’t be drinking the same ol’ wines in the same ol’ ways this summer, says Cathy Marston. Here’s how and what you should be drinking now that things are warming up.

  • It’s all about white wine now

    We’re all about zesty, fruity, herbaceous whites right now. (It’s officially spring!) Cape Wine Master Allan Mullins recommends experimenting with these easy-drinking, good-value picks.

  • How to taste wine (almost) like a pro

    Wine tasting isn’t quite the same as drinking it. Experiencing the flavours means slowing down and paying attention to your senses. Follow these 5 steps and you’ll never have to feel like a fraud in the tasting room again – plus you;ll get so much more out of your glass.

  • 6 wines with interesting tales

    Cape Wine Master ALLAN MULLINS’ favourite dinner-party ice-breaker is to uncork a bottle with an interesting tale behind the label. Try this selection of six to get the banter flowing

  • Which wine glass to use when

    Sure, you can quaff your favourite wine from an all-purpose glass filled to the brim (no one is judging). But the truth is the shape of the glass (and the level you fill it to) really can enhance the flavour of different varietals.

    Here’s how to unleash your inner wine snob.