Here’s how to choose the best avocados

By TASTE, 9 September 2002

Add an avo, but just don’t squeeze!

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When grocery shopping, do you notice how your fellow shoppers choose avocados? Regardless of which avo they pick, it's likely that they all do the same thing – they squeeze the avos!

This is a common misconception. Many people believe that avos' ripeness can only be judged by the softness of the fruit, but squeezing avos damages them and can lead to bruising and spoiling.

Remember, if the packaging says "ripe and ready to eat", that means they have already been ripened before being packed. All you need to do is gently place them into your trolley!  It's also super-easy to tell when dark-skinned avos are ready to eat because their skin changes from green to purple-black when ripe.

South Africans are fortunate because both green and dark-skinned avos are available here almost all year round, and they're equally versatile, delicious and nutritious! The buttery, creamy, green-skinned avo varieties are available from March until October, while the rich, nutty, dark-skinned avocados are on shelves from March until November.

Make the most of your punnet of avocados with this fresh salad. We'll be adding it to our summer entertaining menus – think braais, pool parties, al fresco dinner parties, and picnics in the park.

Get the recipe for avocado salad with roast tomatoes, baby corn, and spring onions here.

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Photographs: South African Avocado Growers’ Association | TASTE


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