3 easy egg dishes for dinner

By Jess Spiro, 12 August 2020

When it comes to breakfast, eggs are the clear and obvious winner. At dinnertime, however, we often default to an eggs-on-toast situation. No disrespect to eggs on toast, but you can do better. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite easy egg dishes for dinner.


Bacon and eggs are the ultimate combination, and carbonara is simply the dinnertime version. Though this might sound fancy, carbonara is mostly made up of basic staples, so you probably don’t even need to go shopping.

Get the recipe for carbonara here.

Huevos rancheros egg pie

Somewhere between a chilli and a shakshuka, this huevos rancheros pie is perfect for a hearty winter dinner. Swap out the beans for any other you have on hand (chickpeas would also work well) and skip the prosciutto to keep it veggie-friendly.
Huevos rancheros egg pie
Get the recipe for huevos rancheros egg pie here.

Egg-fried rice

This recipe, quite literally, couldn’t be easier. Calling for pre-cooked rice and peeled prawns takes all of the effort out of this. Despite this, you can make this recipe work for you by using leftover rice and omitting the prawns entirely if you want. Use cooked chicken if you’d like to, as well.
egg fried rice
Get the recipe for egg-fried rice here.


Jess Spiro

Article by Jess Spiro

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