4 delicious ideas for duck breast steaks

By TASTE, 22 September 2020

Spring brings with it a fresh start, so why not breathe some life into your dinner routine? For something different and delicious, try the new smoky BBQ duck breast steaks from Woolworths.


A first from Woolies, this free-range product is hand-trimmed of excess fat and bone, then air-chilled and marinated for perfect flavour and texture. Here are some serving suggestions to try.

Salads, buddha bowls and spring rolls

It’s the ideal addition to spring salads, buddha bowls, spring rolls and delicious duck pancakes.

Serve it with crunchy greens, a tangy sauce and get stuck in. And the cherry on top? Add some duck skin crackling – batch-cooked to perfection – for that extra crunch.

Duck pancakes

Cook the duck breasts according to package instructions. Slice and serve in pancakes with cucumber ribbons, spring onions, crème fraîche, a dollop of sambal oelek, toasted sesame seeds, and an Asian sweet-and-sour dipping sauce of your choice

Buy BBQ duck breast steaks from Woolworths here.


Article by TASTE

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