6 wholesome recipes to help you reset

By TASTE, 19 April 2022

Did you overindulge during the long weekend? Or are you just looking for new recipes that are light and easy? TASTE contributing food editor Hannah Lewry has created 6 recipes that’ll make you feel good, inside and out: from midweek dinners to snacks and even a gluten-free treat, there’s something for every occasion.

“I love cooking food that makes me feel good, inside and out. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time in the kitchen to eat well. Use everyday ingredients, but add your own twist, as I did with the broccoli – blending it makes for an interesting new texture and adds colour to your plate.

“Pack in as much flavour as possible with simple techniques, such as roasting tomatoes on a rack over a baking tray to intensify their flavour and catch all the delicious juices. I also like to make things ahead of time, so the flavours can develop – the steak, for example, really benefits from being wrapped up with its juices for a few hours”. – Hannah Lewry

1. Vegan white bean dip

Whether you’re in the mood for a snack or looking for something fun and plant-based to serve at your next event, this vegan white bean dip is a winner. It includes tofu cream cheese for extra creaminess, and can be served with chips or toasted wraps.


Find the recipe for vegan white bean dip here.

2. Broccoli and bulgur wheat with spicy halloumi

This salad uses minimal ingredients, prepared in a way that maximises their flavour. It makes for a great side dish or light meal.


Find the recipe for broccoli and bulgur wheat with spicy halloumi here.

3. 30-minute hake salad

This quick meal packs a flavour punch. Pickled ginger, sriracha mayonnaise and seaweed snack give it a poke bowl feel, while baby marrow noodles keep the carbs limited.

30-minute hake salad

Find the recipe for 30-minute hake salad here.

4. Soft-boiled eggs with creamy polenta

This light and comforting dish has a secret weapon that takes it to the next level: homemade kale pesto! Serve with sweetcorn and fresh kale to add more colour and flavour.

Soft-boiled eggs with creamy polenta

Find the recipe for soft-boiled eggs with creamy polenta here.

5. Steak with cashew nut cream

This dish is so good, it made the TASTE team’s top pick for the Jan/Feb 2022 issue. The reason? The “impressiveness-to-effort” ratio of the recipe. There’s very little to do in terms of prep, but it looks like something you’ve been slaving over for hours.


Find the recipe for steak with cashew nut cream here.

6. Gluten-free coconut flapjacks

If you’ve been ignoring a gluten intolerance over the public holidays, these gluten-free flapjacks are a treat that won’t upset your system. They’re also a team favourite – the big coconut flakes in them add great flavour and texture.


Find the recipe for gluten-free coconut flapjacks here.


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