Make panko crumbs

Make panko crumbs

Panko breadcrumbs are Japanese breadcrumbs favoured by chefs the world over for their delicate, crisp texture. They are available at Woolworths, but if you can’t find them, it’s well worth making them at home.


  1. Cut slices of brown bread into strips and place in a food processor, ideally using a shredding disk. Pulse the bread until you are left with small, fine flakes. Don't overdo it or you'll just have normal breadcrumbs.

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  2. Evenly spread the flakes on a baking tray and place in an oven preheated to 150°C for 4 minutes. Shake the tray to ensure they are cooking evenly and bake for another 4 minutes, being careful not to burn them.

    Step 2

  3. The breadcrumbs can be stored in the freezer for several months. Use them to make the most delicious roast potatoes or for making schnitzels.

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    August 6, 2015

    Panko breadcrumbs….brilliant!
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