Master the perfect burger, every time

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Master the perfect burger, every time

Tips and tricks for tender, juicy burger patties – because burgers give us life.

The right stuff

If you’re jonesing for a burger that drips juice down to your elbows, you’ll want to opt for a cut of meat that errs on the fatty side. This is the secret behind the juiciest patties. Basically, avoid anything with the word “lean” on the packaging. Alternatively, take the time to hand-chop fillet to make the most succulent patty of them all.
Try: Hand-chopped burgers with kimchi

Be gentle
Be gentle with your patties when you’re shaping them. Excessive squishing will destroy their natural flavour. Keep your patties a decent size (150–180 g, depending on your preference): dense burgers are not tender burgers.
Try: The perfect burger patty
Or: Spinach and broad bean burgers

Cheese if you please
If you like cheese (who doesn’t?), be sure to add the cheese to the patty once it’s browned, but still on the grill. Pop the cheese on top of the patty and watch as it melts and gains a wonderfully smoky flavour. It goes without saying but ensure the burger is almost fully cooked as you won’t be able to flip it over again.
Try: Biltong and parmesan burgers

Awesome sauce
Whatever sauce you choose, ensure that it has all the right proportions of crunch, creaminess and acidity. These are the makings of a great, saucy burger.
Try: Rump and bacon burger with aged-cheddar and barbecue sauce

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