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Warm table queen squash and wild rocket salad with pumpkin oil

Wine/Spirit Pairing
Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc 2003

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  • 1-2 Table Queen squash
  • Olive oil
  • Italian wild rocket
  • Pumpkin oil
  • White balsamic vinegar or verjuice
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Maldon salt and milled black pepper

Cut squash into slim crescents and arrange in a single layer in a shallow baking pan. Moisten with olive oil. Roast at 230ºC, one shelf above the middle of the oven, for about half an hour or until tender and starting to catch.
Pile a good handful of rocket on to 4 plates. Top with roasted squash. Moisten with pumpkin oil and drizzle with vinegar or verjuice.
If you like, add a sprinkling of roasted pumpkin seeds.
Season with Maldon salt and milled black pepper.

Phillippa Cheifitz

Recipe by: Phillippa Cheifitz

Regular TASTE contributor Phillippa is a well-known South African author and food writer, and has won many awards, both for her magazine features and her cookbooks.

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