The ultimate chocolate cake round-up

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The ultimate chocolate cake round-up

We’re prepared to bet that everyone loves chocolate cake. There, we said it. Looking to expand your chocolate cake repertoire? We’ve got the ultimate cake round-up for you.

Flop-proof chocolate cake

We all need a good, basic chocolate cake in our arsenal and this flop-proof version is just that.
flop proof chocolate cakeGet the recipe for flop-proof chocolate cake here.

Moist chocolate cake with coconut ganache and white chocolate cream-cheese filling

Whether you love or hate the word “moist”, there’s no denying it’s the best texture for cake. This is also a showstopper cake, perfect for any celebration.
Get the recipe for moist chocolate cake with coconut ganache and white chocolate cream-cheese filling here.

Chocolate-honey cake

This might require a little more hands-on time than most cakes, but it’s certainly well worth it.
Chocolate-honey-cakGet the recipe for chocolate honey cake here.

Gluten-free chocolate striped Swiss roll cake

People with gluten intolerances, this one is for you and it’s a particularly excellent one!
Get the recipe for gluten-free chocolate striped Swiss roll cake here.

Chocolate-and-cornflake cake

Good old chocolate cake can’t be beaten but this version, with the addition of cornflakes, makes for something fun and out of the ordinary.
chocolate and cornflake cakeGet the recipe for chocolate-and-cornflake cake here.

Chocolate sheet cake

Sheet cakes are certainly having a moment and, taking one look at this, it’s easy to see why.
Chocolate-Sheet-CakeGet the recipe for chocolate sheet cake here.

Coffee-and-chocolate mousse meringue cake

Coffee cake gets all gussied up in this delicious mousse meringue version.
Get the recipe for coffee-and-chocolate mousse meringue cake here.

Reduced sugar chocolate-cherry sour cream cake

Whatever your reason for reducing your sugar intake, this cake is perfect and won’t make you feel like you’re compromising on flavour or comfort.
Chocolate cherry sour cream cakeGet the recipe for reduced sugar chocolate-cherry sour cream cake here.

Ultimate flourless chocolate cake

An impressive-looking but easy-to-throw-together recipe, this cake gets double points for being makeahead-friendly, too.
ULTIMATE-FLOURLESS-CHOCOLATE-CAKE_1Get the recipe for ultimate flourless chocolate cake here.

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