5 epic chocolate recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth

By Chumasande Matiwane, 27 June 2022

Craving comfort food? We’ve got your back. These 5 epic desserts will warm you up from the inside out this winter.

1. Fudgy coffee-spiked brownies

These are the ultimate coffee-break treats! Cocoa, dark chocolate and perfectly brewed coffee: these fudgy coffee brownies are definitely a must try.

Find the recipe for fudgy coffee-spiked brownies here.

2. Crunchy hazelnut chocolate pralines

The perfect post-dinner treat! They’re quick and easy to make and are ready in just 15 minutes! Your guests will thank you – and go back for more!

Find the recipe for crunchy hazelnut chocolate pralines here.

3. Chocolate-swirled meringues with chocolate sauce

Meringues served with chocolate sauce? Always a good dessert idea. Making your own meringues is easier than you think – get the method down pat and they’ll soon become your go-to entertaining dessert.

Find the recipe for chocolate-swirled meringues with chocolate sauce here. 

4. Affogato with brandy snaps, chocolate-covered hazelnuts, chocolate spheres and coffee syrup

This is a truly next-level dessert! We recommend using Woolworths Extremely Creamy Madagascan vanilla ice cream and adding double shots of espresso for a showstopping dessert.

Find the recipe for affogato with brandy snaps here. 

5. Chocolate cake

A classic crowd favourite! Buttermilk keeps the cake extra moist, and the icing stars condensed milk for an extra decadent hit.

chocolate cake

Find the recipe for chocolate cake here. 


Chumasande Matiwane

Article by Chumasande Matiwane

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