7 cabbage recipes you have to make this autumn

By Lesego Madisa, 23 February 2023

Don’t overlook the humble cabbage. There’s more to this leafy vegetable than slaw. We count down the best cabbage recipes for every occasion – from cabbage fritters that are fantastic to pack in your lunchbox to whole roasted cabbage that makes the perfect meat-free showstopper.

We’re giving cabbage the flowers it so rightfully deserves. If you’ve been put off this brassica because of wet, soggy coleslaw or bland boiled cabbage, we’re here to change your mind. We’ve rounded up 7 excellent cabbage recipes that are inspired, delicious and can easily be swapped for budget-friendly alternatives.

1. New lunchbox fave: cabbage-and-potato fritters

These cabbage fritters are easy and moreish. They can obviously be served as a snack, but they’re great in lunchboxes, too. Take it one step further and serve in hamburger buns (definitely inspired by the Indian street food vada pav) with some crunchy veggies on the side. This recipe can also be made vegan – just omit the eggs.

Cabbage-and-potato fritters

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2. Midweek supper: crispy pork rasher with cabbage

As we head towards autumn, dinners shift from light to hearty. This is the ultimate transitional recipe. The cabbage is sliced into wedges and baked until tender, golden and slightly charred. The bitter taste of the char is offset by the creamy green peppercorn gravy and salty pork rashers.

Get the recipe for crispy pork rashers with cabbage here. 

3. Sidekick: three-cheese cabbage bake

Gruyére, Cremezola and Parmesan are the three cheeses that take this cabbage recipe from “meh” to “yeah!”. This dish is rich, so serve it alongside something fresh that can help cut through these bold cheeses. The prep is super easy, and the slow roasting will be worth it once you’ve had a bite.

Get the recipe for three-cheese cabbage bake here. 

4. Weekend braai: cabbage-and-mushroom sosaties

Meat-free sosaties are getting more creative. Gone are the days of the boring baby marrow, red pepper, onion and mushroom skewer. These cabbage-and-mushroom sosaties are a case in point. Baste in Woolies marinade and you've got a meaty-textured kebab with oodles of flavour.

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5. Fake out: caramelised cabbage pizza

You’ve heard of caramelised onions, now prepare to fall in love with caramelised cabbage! It makes an excellent topping to cheesy pizza, and Woolworths pizza bases come in handy (who’s got time to make pizza dough from scratch?).

Caramelised cabbage pizza

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6. Piece de resistance: whole-roasted cabbage

Plant-based mains don’t have to be boring. The trick is to add as much flavour to your vegetables as possible. A whole cabbage is roasted in stock until caramelised and fork-tender and the stock is reduced to produce a delicious gravy for drizzling.

Get the recipe for whole roasted cabbage here. 

7. Overnight miracle: overnight cabbage pickle

Add some acidity and crunch to all your meals. We’re talking sandwiches and wraps, creamy mashed potatoes and pork chops… the list is endless. This is a great way to use up a head of cabbage if you’re out of ideas. If you’ve got foodie friends, this also makes an excellent gift.

Get the recipe for overnight cabbage pickle here. 

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