Back to school: 7 easy lunchboxes to make this week

By Melissa Scheepers, 15 January 2018

Are you ready to be parent of the year? We selected seven of our favourite back-to-school lunchbox savouries to put a smile on your kid’s dial come breaktime. Hummus, spring rolls, meatballs and more, these recipes are easy to make at home and even easier to pack!


This easy recipe takes just 30 minutes from prep to flaky perfection. If you’re making it for your kids, simply omit chilli flakes.

Get the recipe here.


Keen to add a little more veg into your or your child’s lunchtime meals? Take a break from the sandwiches and fashion some rice paper spring rolls stuffed with veg instead! (This is a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies.)

Get the recipe here.

If you like this, also try: Asparagus crystal rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls or crispy satay rolls.


Make sure to add a little brain food to your kids’ lunchtime meals by whipping up some fish cakes using your favourite white sustainable fish. This recipe uses deboned hake and takes a small amount of prep, but the 10-minute cooking time makes up for that, plus it’ll make enough to feed a bigger family.

Get the recipe here.

If you like this, also try: Fish cakes with seared cucumber and satay sauce.


Pop a few of these little protein-filled spheres into your kids’ lunchbox to help them stay fuller for longer. If you’d prefer a vegetarian option, try: dukkah pea falafel, celeriac-and-turmeric falafel or these easy dosas with falafel recipe.


When these spinach-and-cheese quichelets come out of the oven they will be puffy, soufflé-like and completely delicious. This recipe uses only five ingredients and takes only 40 minutes to cook and prep! It can also double as a breakfast on the go.

Get the recipe here.


Besides spreading it onto a wholesome sandwich (it pairs perfectly with halloumi and avocado), you could also add a little tub of home-made hummus to your teen’s lunchbox as a midday snack with julienne carrots and cucumber sticks.

Get the recipe here.

If you like this, also try: carrot hummus or beetroot hummus.


Add a little sweet surprise in every now and then with this easy pumpkin fritter recipe. Even better, get the little one to help you make them!

Get the recipe here.

Discover more kid-friendly recipes here.

Melissa Scheepers

Article by Melissa Scheepers

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  • default
    Gillian Laurie
    16 January 2018

    Hi Melissa
    Am sure all of the Back to School recipes, except for the Rice Paper Spring Rolls would be suitable for freezing yes?
    Just would need for them to cool down completely and then freeze.

    1. default
      18 January 2018

      Hi Gillian,

      If you fry the spring rolls, you should be able to freeze them. Yes all the others should do well frozen.

      Happy Cooking!
      TASTE team