The most divisive recipe guide for fruit in food, ever

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The most divisive recipe guide for fruit in food, ever

Yet again, we’re asking the hard-hitting questions in our weekly Friday food fights on Instagram stories. This time, we’re turning our attention to fruit. Be it pineapple on pizza or cooked fruit as a concept, we want to know your thoughts about fruit in food.

Pineapple on pizza?

Right up there with coriander and blue cheese, people have strong opinions about pineapple on pizza. So, what are your thoughts?
Pineapple-tray-bake-pizzaGet the recipe for pineapple tray bake pizza here.

Fruit in a salad

While we all know that tomatoes are technically a fruit, they behave appropriately in a salad. We’re talking about actual fruit, such as figs, strawberries and orange for example, all used in a savoury salad – how do you feel about this?
Get the recipe for green salad with strawberries here.

Meat and fruit

Gamey meats, such as venison and duck, go extremely well with fruit and are often paired together. As a whole, do you love or loathe this flavour pairing?
Get the recipe for slow-roasted duck with cherry sauce here.

Cooked fruit in general

Some people will eat a whole orchard’s worth of raw apples in one sitting, but won’t touch the stuff if it’s cooked. Tell us, how do you feel about cooked fruit?
Get the recipe for roast stone fruit tray jam here.

Fruit and cheese?

Another classic combination, cheeseboards are often served with fresh fruit such as grapes or figs. What are your feelings on this?
Marmalade-baked Camembert with home-made scones recipeGet the recipe for marmalade-baked Camembert here.

Fruit cakes?

We’re prepared to guess there’s no fruit-based food more divisive than the humble fruit cake. Are you a fan of this traditional holiday cake, or not?
Get the recipe for fruit cake here.

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