The best-ever fruity desserts round-up

By Jess Spiro, 28 May 2021

Sure, most fruit are good enough as is, but we think there’s no better celebration of seasonal fruit than to put it into a dessert. Here are our picks of the best fruity desserts.

Ever-ready apple crumble

Was there any fruity dessert before apple crumble? It’s comforting, easy to make and, most of the time, it’s a general crowd-pleaser.
apple crumbleGet the recipe for ever-ready apple crumble here.

Free-form peach tart

Otherwise known as a galette, this free-form tart is like a French girl– low-key, cool and delicious.
Get the recipe for free-form peach tart here.

ClemenGold pudding

With winter around the corner, we’re seeking out all things citrus and this baked ClemenGold pud is going to the first thing we make.
Get the recipe for ClemenGold pudding here.

Summer berry pudding

On the other end of the pudding scale, this summer berry version is a classic for a reason. Although you should make it with seasonal berries, frozen ones would work just as well if you need your fix in the middle of winter.
Get the recipe for summer berry pudding here.

Poached guava cake

Guavas are about to come into season, though this cake would be just as good with the canned variety.
poached guava cakeGet the recipe for poached guava cake here.

Abi’s ultimate raspberry soufflé

If you want to show off a bit, there’s nothing more impressive than a soufflé.
Abi's ultimate raspberry souffleGet the recipe for Abi's ultimate raspberry soufflé here.

Always-ready berry-and-coconut muffins

For maximum smugness points, bake these on a Sunday and you’ll have a satisfying breakfast or snack for the week.
Get the recipe for always-ready berry-and-coconut muffins here.

Plum clafoutis

This traditional custard-based pudding can be made with almost any fruit, but there’s something particularly chic about using plums.
plum clafoutisGet the recipe for plum clafoutis here.

Baked nectarines and peaches with ice cream

The ultimate “I don’t feel like making dessert” dessert, baked stone fruit will always be a welcome sight after dinner.
Get the recipe for baked nectarines and peaches with ice cream here.

Strawberry-and-cream pavlova

Christmas’s crowning dessert (in South Africa at least), pavlova is the perfect pedestal for seasonal fruit.
Strawberry-and-cream pavlova recipeGet the recipe for strawberry-and-cream pavlova here.

Pear-and-pecan pudding

There’s something deeply satisfying about pear puddings, especially when paired with toasty pecans.
Get the recipe for pear-and-pecan pudding here.

Fig tarte tatin

You might think that a tarte tatin can only be made using apples, and we’re definitely fond of the original, this fig version is a strong contender.
Get the recipe for fig tarte tatin here.

Jess Spiro

Article by Jess Spiro

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