5 budget-friendly midweek meals

By TASTE, 21 November 2023

Eating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour, quality or variety. Whether its the end of the month and you’re tightening your belt or you’re just being money savvy, these exciting midweek recipes are the answer.

1. Balsamic chicken livers

If you're a fan of chicken livers and Italian flavours, you'll love this dish by Abigail Donnelly. Made with butter, balsamic and deep-fried sage leaves, this dish goes well with pasta, mashed potatoes or polenta. You can also enjoy them with ciabatta.

Buttery Balsamic chicken livers

Find the recipe for balsamic chicken livers here.

2. Carrot pasta

Pasta is always a great budget option, and carrots are too. Khanya Mzongwana came up with a great way to use both in an innovative way – an easy carrot pasta sauce! It's also a great hidden veggie recipe and a good one for meat-free Monday.

Carrot pasta

Find the recipe for carrot pasta here.

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3. Crispy pork rashers with cabbage

This recipe by Hannah Lewry showcases how simple ingredients can be made bougie. Roasted cabbage and crispy pork rashers are served in a green peppercorn gravy. The results are spectacular.

Find the recipe for crispy pork rashers with cabbage here. 

4. Four-bean curry

Stocked up your pantry with canned beans and need some inspo on what to make with them? Mogau Seshoene a.k.a. The Lazy Makoti's four-bean curry is the answer! It was inspired by her grandmother's recipe, so you know it's tried and tested.

Four-bean curry

Find the recipe for four-bean curry here.

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5. Frikkadels

Here's another grandma's recipe: this one is from Khanya Mzongwana and makes use of one of the most common freezer staples – mince. Plus, it contains hidden veggies. Make the frikkadels stretch even further by adding a couple of slices of milk-soaked bread into the mix.


Find the recipe for frikkadels here. 


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